Privacy Policy

Basic policy on handling of personal information

YMD, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "We"), strongly recognize the importance of the personal information received from our customers, shareholders and business partners (hereinafter referred to as "Our customers"), and are taking steps to protect personal information in order to become a company that our customers can use with ease and complying with laws and ordinances, contribute to society.

Declaration of Safety regarding the Handling of Personal Information

  • 1. In order to strictly manage and handle personal information, we maintain our organizational structure and improve information management function by continuously carrying out trainings for all employees.
  • 2. When gathering personal information, we will reveal how and where it will be used and after receiving consent, will collect the minimum necessary.
  • 3. We will not use the obtained personal information for distribution to third parties or in any way not disclosed at the time the information was obtained unless consent has been received in advance.
  • 4. When entrusting obtained personal information to outsource contractors, we will choose only those contractors who have been recognized as handling personal information appropriately and will have the contractor maintain appropriate personal information safety control and confidentiality by entering into a strict contract.
  • 5. Through the implementation of appropriate and a logical level of safety measures, we will store personal information under strict management in addition to striving to prevent dangers such as information leaks, manipulation and loss. After the purpose of use has been achieved and an appropriate amount of time has passed, we will delete or destroy the personal information.
  • 6. If a customer makes an inquiry regarding, asks to edit, delete or stop the use of their own information, we will respond logically and accordingly.
  • 7. We comply with the Private Information Protection Law and other related laws and regulations or guidelines.
  • 8. We believe that communicating with people is our job and very important, so we will appropriately review and improve the above items so that each one is managed effectively and suitably.